pearl white and sea blue.

Feb 26, 2014

Heels: Dresslily, Top: Forever New, Skirt: Bershka

One of the most appealing aspects of living in Mumbai is the constant access to a beautiful sea view. The sparkling Arabian sea surrounds Mumbai and is absolutely transformative for the city's atmosphere. Upon my arrival in the city, my instant love for it was primarily derived from the cobalt-toned sea that is visible throughout it. Which is why, for my first photo-shoot in this metropolis, I headed to my friend Alexia's stunning loft apartment, with a terrace that overlooks the sea. On a Saturday afternoon, the water, from afar, can be breathtaking and is dotted by dozens of shining boats. In a nutshell, it is an enviable view – and the terrace itself has an ambiance to match. Blue and yellow tiles create a mosaic effect across the floor, and iridescent pillars, carved to perfection, further enhance the atmosphere. Now that I'm done obsessing over the covetable beauty that was my shoot location, we can move onto the outfit – which featured a lovely pair of heels courtesy of Dresslily
Though not entirely contrasting, there is a certain offset that is created with the combination of blue and white, that is reflective in the photograph above. Amidst the Arabian sea, my new pair of pumps was perfectly accentuated. Its subtle ribbon detail was one of the reasons I chose it when Dresslily first approached me for a collaboration. Precise draping, over the front of the heel and all across the back, enhanced its status of plain white pumps. Perhaps this is why the shoes exude more elegance than other such options – white heels can often be tricky to style and it is prone to be a style staple that is often misinterpreted. For my ensemble, I paired the pearl-white heels with my extremely-overused Bershka mini-skirt and a stunningly intricate top from Forever New. The brand has become one of my favorites for purely feminine designs, covered with pastel tones, embroidery, and rhinestones – combinations achieved without becoming overly powering. The light, eggshell-blue tone of my top was an ideal match for the subtly-textured skirt, and to top it off, I included my heels – which, for the reasons of comfort and effortlessly chic design, has now become another favorite of mine. A big thank you to Dresslily for sending me such a gorgeous product! And further thanks to Aashna Sanghvi and Alexia Koenig for the photographs.

For more of Dresslily's affordable and alluring designs, head to their website now!



  1. Love the shoes and the blouse. So so beautiful. You are so lucky. xx

  2. You look beautiful doll.

  3. UGH wish it was warm here!!! I want the beach!!! looking simple and cute- the best way to dress!


  4. Stumbled upon your blog for the first time..Great pictures..I relocated to Mumbai too and it is amazing..


  5. Such a gorgeous look, you are stunning!

  6. love the shoes - great pictures!

    xo SideSmile,
    SideSmile Style

  7. So beautifully descriptive! Your entire outfit is so put-together, love it :).


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