gypsy chic | ále by Alessandra.

Mar 22, 2014

If there is ever a look I want to project over the course of a style evolution, it would be the beautiful 'bohemian chic' look. And this is exactly the aura evoked by Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio's new guest collection for Planet Blue. As seen in the breathtaking images of the equally breathtaking model, gypsy-chic intertwined by a dash of Midwestern-style is the bulk of the collection. The images themselves enhanced the clothes, with natural, warm light seeping into each photograph. Throw in the desert background and the façade of a setting sun and the recipe for a sparkling collaborative collection is set. Alessandra's aesthetic is somewhat surprising, as I imagined her personal style to be slightly more on the classic-polished side. However, she carries these sort of ensembles with ease and subtle perfection. This is seen in all the factors of the images: her relaxed, perfectly-natural hair, the placement of accessories, overall styling, and the simplicity of the makeup. Her hair was either flowing in curls which give the amazing illusion of being unattended or in the quintessential braids that goes in sync with the aura of the shoot. Makeup was almost nonexistent in how evident it appeared to be. A dash of cat-eye eyeliner and a soft coral lip was the main makeup seen – a beauty look which is more than ideal for Spring and one that we should all be executing. Accessories, which were one of the most enhancing factors of both the collection and the images, retained the slight ethnic quality to them, and held some tribal characteristics. Rings were worn in abudance, while stunning statement necklaces were often seen. Alessandra pulled off this look more beautifully than I could have imagined – and these stunning ensembles are now being offered to those who are coveting it. 
"[Spring] is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” – The Secret Garden


  1. She is amazingly beautiful nice post.'

  2. whyyyy is she so beautiful its not fair :( i love the earthy/free people vibe from this!



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