the new vuitton.

Mar 8, 2014

With a predecessor possessing as esteemed a reputation as Marc Jacobs, despite his similarly contemporary aura as a designer, Nicolas Ghesquiére had big shoes to fill in the eyes of the fashion world. In what was arguably the most awaited show of the season, and one of the final segments of Paris Fashion Week, the Louis Vuitton show was executed brilliantly by its new creative head. And it is somewhat difficult to begin this post, as there is so much to be discussed – from the clothes themselves to the packed front row to the contrast between this Vuitton show and the previous ones. If photography is more your forte, these beautiful images captured by Vogue are perfect depictions of the clothing we can vicariously enjoy. But if you so seek intricate words and a slight rant, that is to follow. 
The show began with one of my all-time favorite models, the stunning yet simple Freja Beha Erichson. Already, the tone of the show was set: startling and eye-catching, minus any sort of theatrics or fluff, any kind of veil that overpowered the clothes themselves. This was a bold move on Ghesquiére's part, as the emphasis was purely placed on the clothes, allowing more room for criticism. But his confidence in the clothes shone through – and his faith was placed accurately. A subtle nod to the sixties ensued, in the form of silhouettes and color scheme. Pea-green, softened tangerine, camel tones and plaid – all elements of an area that will has been among the most impressionable for modern designers. Were it simply for the colors, the show would not have held such strength, but the designer wove in his talent and eye for design with every following detail. Chic, Parisian turtlenecks, Peter-Pan collars pressed to perfection, and the utilization of leather in the most wearable ways – this was the collection in a nutshell. Zippers were incorporated throughout, on everything from the trench coats to the marvelously constructed jackets. There was nothing simple or minimal about the elements of the clothing – evidently shown with the careful abundance of prints (zig-zags, a hint of florals, and other graphic delights.) But it was with the structure of the pieces that Ghesquiére maintained simplicity, and simultaneously, masterfully weaving in his talent for breathtaking silhouettes. This is the new Louis Vuitton. Functional yet desirable, cool yet collection. The designer himself stated, "I tried to express an easiness." In this respect, he succeeded and wonderfully so.

What do you think of this collection? Has Nicolas Ghesquiére succeeded in taking over as the designer for Vuitton?


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  1. Absolutely stunning. Love the last look. It's very edgy yet wearable.



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