currently coveting: april edition.

Apr 19, 2014

Topshop shirts top / Tsumori Chisato high waisted long maxi skirt  / Jason Wu leather sandals / Valentino blue purse  / Yves Saint Laurent black sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics lips makeup  / Forever 21 neon coral nail polish

To welcome Spring, and to bring April to a close, the outfit above is the ideal combination of high-fashion, casual glamour, and a spark of color that reflects Spring's beauty. This balance can be hard to strike, but with the perfect pieces, such an outfit can be worn – beautifully – this season. I turned to design mavens and those renowned for creating covetable pieces to achieve this. Crop tops and maxi skirts are seemingly mainstream trends currently, with their presence covering everything from street-style photographs to on-point editorials that are reflections of the upcoming session. Tsumori Chisato's maxi-skirt caught my eye immediately, with its artistic flair, carefully-created silhouette, and subdued yet sophisticated color combination. Streaks of sea-green, grey, and black cover the skirt in a canvas-like fashion, once again bringing to mind the idea of art intertwining with fashion. To retain the certain casual vibe I was trying to attain, Topshop's never-failing stream of crop-tops was a wonderful match, in a grey shade that goes wonderfully with the skirt I have nothing but praise for. As for accessories, Valentino's blue purse, which will forever be one of the items on my never-ending wish-list of bags, Jason Wu's powerful strap heels, and, of course, a pair of sunglasses to shield ourselves from the inevitable change in weather, will be perfect additions. This outfit lacks color in a way, with blue being the only true asset of brightness, which is why beauty products are the perfect way to add some vividness into the ensemble. With peach being a complimentary tone, the NARS lipstick does wonders, and Forever 21's coral nail-polish enhances it entirely. There you have it – a perfect look for April and everything I am coveting this month!



  1. I'd have to agree that this outfit is the perfect look! I would definitely wear it -- that skirt is really calling out to me too!


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