freida pinto x free people.

Apr 8, 2014

India is often the most difficult place to describe, to portray accurately to those who haven't experienced it. There is no place like India – with the merging of all sensory details, the connection of a multitude of cultures, the slow integration of westernization and the emotions that it evokes; all at once, this is India. Even this sentence cannot capture the essence of the country, one that has evidently taken over my life in the greatest of ways since my arrival in Mumbai. My love for the country (and my hesitance to leave it in June) has been overwhelming and something that has been noticed by everyone close to me – India is the country I love most, despite being a third-culture kid. This entire experience has been somewhat of a personal journey for me, which is in turn, explanatory for my lack of posting – aaaand my mentions of the city I am now living in! I was, therefore, utterly delighted to discover that Free People, the most wonderfully bohemian high-street brand out there,  has made India their central piece of inspiration this Spring, featuring the beautiful Indian actress Freida Pinto in both a lookbook and a short film. 
India has always seemed to be woven into Free People's aesthetic. The country itself is reflective of what the brand stands for – traditional with an edge, stunningly yet subtly cultural and, in tune with its namesake, possessing an element of freedom. This is the aura of Free People and its latest India-inspired collection is a fitting addition to its legacy. Think paisley patterns, gorgeous mirror-work and adornments (often seen in traditional Indian clothing), soft and natural color tones, an abundance of white cotton, and loose silhouettes. What is most striking and appealing to me is that the clothes are such that we can wear them in India, but at the same time, they are perfect for Spring anywhere in the world, with a certain hint of versatility. The clothes have an undeniable touch of a romantic air, further enhanced and magnified by the beautiful short film created by Free People. Featuring the truly stunning actress Pinto, with enviable looks, and models Maritza Veer and Thomas Bull, the movie revolves around a wedding, an unexpected love story, and the incredible Indian festival of Holi. What is amazing about the film is that it shines light on both the covetable collection and the allure of India. There is a balance of this within the five-minute movie, which is a must-watch for all. Kudos to Free People for pulling off such a wonderful collaboration – and also, a thank you to them for discovering the magic of India and sharing it in the most appreciative way. 



  1. Such a beautiful video :) xx Maja

  2. I really like your blog! Following you now, hope you will follow my blog as well ♥

  3. Freida is SO beautiful!


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