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May 10, 2014

Harper's Bazaar UK June 2014

Summer calls for a dose of natural beauty, for toning down makeup and turning towards aesthetics that reflect the simplicity of summer. Going for subdued beauty looks is a must, and Harper's Bazaar UK displayed this necessity in their stunning summer cover starring Miranda Kerr. If anyone can pull off natural beauty, it is the Victoria's Secret model above. The cover features Kerr in an ensemble with the perfect balance of being sophisticated and casual, with a neutral color palette being key. Color was incorporated through the photography, with gorgeous streaks of light enhancing the overall look. To top it off, Kerr's adorable puppy was a constant feature, making the cover even more appealing. 
 Vogue India May 2014

With the words, 'Say Yes to Summer' printed across the flamboyant cover, Vogue India has no qualms for introducing a bold, vivacious look for Summer 2014. No other cover has quite as strongly suggested the essence of summer; gold, brazen, and unapologetic. The stunning Ashika Pratt graces the cover of Vogue India was again, flaunting an amazing range of summer-esque clothing. Metallic nail-polish, iridescent swimwear, and the perfect summer locations for such a shoot (the quintessential beach and palm-tree covered sidewalks) are all elements for the ideal summer cover which Vogue India achieved beautifully. I just bought the issue – a giant perk of living in Bombay, as I've said so many times before, is having access to the best of Indian magazines – and the content was just as incredible as the cover itself. For those of you in India, it is a must-read! 
Vogue UK June 2014

Who better than Kate Upton to feature the season's most covetable bikinis and resortwear? Vogue UK attained the perfect model for the job, making 'beach chic' look better than ever. The cover itself holds a feminine essence, offset by florals and pastel pink. Messy beach hair, looking enviably effortless on Upton, and very minimal makeup (aside from a coat of eyeliner and a layer of nude lipstick) seem to be components of all summer covers, but this was done in a fresh fashion by Vogue UK. If there is any ideal summer issue, it is this one and it is sure to be flying off the newsstands.

What do you think of these summer covers?



  1. Whoa I didnt know that was actually Miranda's puppy! I love the little touch of personal life! Thanks for the update on covers!



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