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Jun 23, 2014

When I first moved to Bombay, I scoured the Indian fashion blogging scene to get myself acquainted with the stars of the game; those who impacted fashion in India in the digital age, whose presence shone through social media unlike any others. This description, without a doubt, applies to the beautiful and innovative fashion blogger Aayushi Bangur. Her consistently gorgeous outfit posts, displaying her distinct and personified sense of style, completely won me over and I have been a dedicated reader of her blog ever since. It is her versatility that is most admirable – there are elegant, sophisticated lace ensembles seeping from an assortment of loved labels but there are just as many edgy outfits created with the best of high-street brands. Simply put, reading her blog, Style Drive, allows for an endless stream of style inspiration. The photographs, which are captured by her other-half, N7Photography, also seem to encapsulate the essence of Mumbai – with locations spanning from the enchanting neighborhoods of South Bombay. Whenever I am feeling pangs of homesickness, I can turn to Aayushi's blog, for a beautiful portrait of Indian and contemporary fashion and a dose of Mumbai magic. I caught up with Aayushi to ask her ten quick questions about style and blogging – read on to discover what fuels her blog and more of her shopping secrets!

1. What inspired you to launch a fashion blog?
I was hooked on to fashion blogs as a teenager and romanced the idea of starting a blog for a while before actually gathering the confidence to do so. So it was really the fashion bloggers I followed back then who inspired me. Plus I was desperately looking at taking up a hobby to get away from my Economics books! This seemed perfect!

2. What sets Style Drive apart from other blogs?
I wouldn't want to compare but I do pay special attention to the quality of the content I put up. We work hard in creating content which is one of a kind. Thats why its hard when some people conveniently copy it left right and centre.

3. How has India, as a country, influenced your personal style?
I consider myself extremely fortunate to be living in Mumbai! It's the perfect depiction of India as a country. I come across all sorts of people from different stratas and different walks of life, every single day and that indirectly but certainly defines my style!

4. What do you consider some important milestones for your blog?
Ah! This is hard. There have been several moments where I have felt extremely fortunate. Working with some of the best national and international brands, getting such great support from my readers definitely remains a constant pride booster.

5. Three items in your closet you can't live without?
My Topshop Joni jeans, skater dresses and lots of skirts.

6. What are your favorite places to shop in Bombay (online or otherwise?
In Mumbai, I shop at Mango, Marks & Spencer, Zara and Forever21. There are a lot of stores like Chemistry, Veromoda and Only that also do some fun pieces. Online, I am addicted to Asos and Shopbop.

7. Goals for the future?
As clichéd as this may sound, I rarely plan ahead. But I do have a checklist in my head which includes starting my own brand at some point.

8. What are your favorite trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 season?
Pastels, pencil skirts, maxi outerwear and everything maxi actually.

9. Favorite fashion magazines?
I rarely buy magazines but when I do it's either an Elle or a Grazia.

10. Your greatest tips for aspiring fashion bloggers?
Be yourself in the truest sense. Its very easy to lose yourself and get stuck in this chase game. The challenge is to actually stay out of it and rise above it all.

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