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Jul 6, 2014

Lookbook: White it Out

In the midst of a scorching hot summer, the most valuable color a girl can have is a subdued, quiet tone to balance out the unrelenting heat and color that is synonymous with the season. Naturally, the fashion world has this color picked and perfected and it remains a summer staple year after year. All white ensembles bring elegance, comfort, and a chic factor to every wardrobe, with versatility and strength that is neither attention-seeking nor played-out. Urban Outfitters turned to the hue for their Spring/Summer lookbook – aptly titled, White It Out.  While I've been in London, shopping (along with sightseeing and enjoying the city's unpredictable yet usually lovely weather) has been a priority among other things. And of course, upon hitting Oxford Street, Urban Outfitter's gorgeous flagship store was one of the first places my sister and I decided to look into. So stay tuned for many outfit posts featuring my gorgeous UO finds. In the meantime, let's look at the brand's beautiful presentation of one of its most recent collections, featuring a color we should all be turning to this summer. Throughout the lookbook, in which there was no consistent theme other than the color that united each outfit featured, white was prominent and dazzling, no matter which form it was presented in.

UO is quite known for its cool, edgy take on clothing, more contemporary and relaxed than other labels that share its youth factor. More than anything, it is unapologetic and bold, as we all should be in the way we dress. These details are applicable to their summer lookbook, which intertwined thought-provoking creative decisions with emphasis on the clothing itself. Set in a sublime studio for most of the shoot, the UO models posed in a location with natural light seeping through large windows, reminiscent of the ideal ballet/dance studio. White walls were somehow the perfect match for an all-white ensemble, overall refreshing and soothing to look at. The atmosphere of the shoot is that of the clothing itself – casual but with purpose, effortless but able to turn a few heads. And the clothes? Delicate, opaque slips, bralets, boyfriend jeans with more than a few rips, made-for-summer cutoffs, and V-neck shirts. All of which are considered summer staples if there ever were some, and pulled through with a bit of extra Urban Outfitters charm. Whether you pick the slouchy sweater to stroll on the streets of Paris or don the quintessential shorts-and-shirt combination for a trip to the beach, giving the color white a chance this summer is Urban Outfitter's well-received message.



  1. Nice post.. so sad it's rainy season alreadty here in
    PH. ;)

  2. I totally agree! I love to wear white, you can never go wrong, it looks so classy, elegant and effortless : )

  3. I totally agree! I love to wear white, you can never go wrong, it looks so classy, elegant and effortless : )

  4. Cool images nice job.

  5. I'm loving total white looks. Gorgeous inspirations.

    xx Mira

  6. I hadn't seen the UO lookbook glad you posted this. I LOVE all white and there are a few pieces in this campaign that I really love (the overalls, a few of the summer sweaters). Great post!


  7. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love the white inspiration. I am following you on instagram now. Feel free to follow me.


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