the mango factor.

Jul 16, 2014

While traveling across sunny Spain, exploring the beautiful monuments and discovering little gems in each city, one thing has been more apparent to me than anything else: Mango is among the most loved Spanish brands. And for all the right reasons. Whether I was in Seville or Barcelona, it was hard to not spot a Mango outlet – and peek inside to see more of the brand's covetable pieces. The phenomenon of the store is all due to the Mango factor; the essence it holds which leads to its undeniable success. This factor consists of a important criteria, including versatility, design strength, and everlasting charm. All of which Mango executes with season after season. The brand's versatility is behind a lot of its success. Whether you are going for the bohemian look that summer demands or an elegant ensemble to mimic the models who don such clothes, Mango has it all. 

While the first look has a daring metallic edge, through the silver touch and iridescent accessories, the look above is just as fabulous – despite how different it is. Mango offers you the best of both worlds, and putting together these outfits has shown me just how evident this is. With boyfriend jeans (and a perfectly distressed touch on the denim) and a silk top which strikes the perfect balance between masculine and feminine ways of dressing, the androgynous outfit has never been more appealing. I've never been inclined towards this style of dressing, although it has made a wave through in the fashion world in the form of street style and off-duty wear. Mango's carefully striking pieces are the ideal components for such a way of dressing. 

In a look that best encapsulates my style at the moment, Mango has offered a airy, vicarious vibe in the majority of the summer collection. Putting together the different options allows you to dress in the bohemian way that so many brands have adopted as their main style – such as Free People, for example. The wonderful part about Mango is that it does not stick to one such style, covering a startling variety while maintaining consistency. Go for the paisley-print, India-inspired maxi, adding simplistic sandals and the touch of bold jewelry to complete the look. 

What do you think of the Mango factor? Which is your favorite look? 

– M


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