wildfox's british charm.

Aug 21, 2014

While some may argue that fashion is actually not art, and instead, is a commercial industry, I'd have to say that the two worlds are blended into one. Though it might be the romantic in me, I do believe that fashion holds a fair amount of artistic presence and that, designers, like artists, use this medium as a form of expression. In this way, fashion becomes relevant in terms of literature, art, and expression – it blends all these qualities into one. What I'm getting to is this: Wildfox merged fashion and literature in their latest collection, one that seeps of artistic value. 

As the beautiful, doe-eyed models seem to be declaring, this Fall collection holds a fair amount of innocence and good-fashioned beauty. Of course, this is portrayed through the tasteful and striking lookbook – all of my favorite images are included above. In a tribute to Jane Austen and the time of subtle romance, Wildfox has created a modern adaptation of this era. Many have done this before them, but what sets this collection apart is the incorporation of modern-wear; while Victorian fashion is the inspiration behind the collection, there is versatility and appeal retained for this era. With simple white shirts, printed slogans, soft pastel shades, and a minimalistic approach to layering, Wildfox has used Victorian glamour as a precedent for a reimagined sort of glamour. 

What do you think of this lookbook? 

- M 

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  1. Beautiful images great presentation


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