four days of nyfw.

Sep 11, 2014

In just the first four days of NYFW, we were given enough collections to keep us coveting designerwear until next year rolls around. Of course, the buzz created by NYFW is not just based on the clothing; it's the endless amount of Instagram posts, the tweets recording each delightful show, and the all-new live snapchat feed that reinforces – constantly – our fear of missing out. If there is any place you'd want to be this time of year, it's New York City. Whether you're looking for the clothes that are synonymous with Gossip Girl-esque dressing or opting for Wang's irresistible take on sportswear, designers presenting throughout the fashion capital provided us with a range of options. From DVF (shown above in a beautiful backstage shot!) to Alexander Wang, the most prestigious names in fashion reinforced their statuses as the leaders of the industry. It was hard for me, while browsing Vogue and, to curate the most desirable of all collections. But here, after much deliberating, are my four favorite collections from the first four days of New York Fashion Week. 
Monique Lhuilier: Drawing inspiration from the sunny shores of the Bahamas, Lhuilier brought waves of sea-toned fabric and glistening adornments to life on cocktail dresses fit for a socialite. Blair Waldorf would easily have donned one of these dresses in another Gossip Girl escapade. Her inspiration was evident in subtle graphic prints and iridescent, tulle-esque fabric. Colors varied from pastel blues to ballerina pinks, with strappy stilettos to top it off. My personal favorite was arguably one of the more flamboyant pieces of the collection – am ombre, sequin-encrusted strapless gown. 

Alexander Wang: Just when you think he can't put another stunning spin on sportswear, Alexander Wang manages to surprise and delight. Using all his quintessential elements, he pulled off the feat of being increasingly original and creating clothes that are even more covetable. Firm, structured silhouettes, seen in the boxy sleeves, collared shirts, and tailored pants, emphasized the vision of the powerful woman Wang designs for. Interestingly, he reported to have been inspired by sneakers – but did not include even one pair in the show. This influence can be seen in fabric choices and color tones fit for Nike, but wonderfully far from it.

Jason Wu: By far, one of my favorite collections so far, Jason Wu's endeavor for Spring kept a balance between his feminine offerings and redefined sportswear. Peacoats, oversized dresses, blazers with stunningly-folded collars, and belts to cinch every piece there was – Wu was at the top of his game. The color scheme was particularly appealing, with dulled navy tones and limestone greens. While offered a piece of advice to Wu, which was to minimize the utterly refined vibe he created, that sophistication was somewhat charming. Summer dresses and subtly-revealing sheer fabrics were dappled in between these other pieces. A fantastic use of leather and flowing fabrics were also presented, and I recommend you see the rest of the collection here, for your full dose of Jason Wu magic. 

Diane von Furstenburg: Midriff was key in this collection, but elegance – the adjective synonymous with Diane's line – did not make a disappearance. Beautifully fitted wrap dresses, in an array of prints, were keeping with DVF's consistent tone. But throw in the dizzying patterns, floral motifs, and fits of fabric, and DVF gives summer a breezy, fun undertone. As aptly put it, the collectionw as 'as lighthearted as a perfect summer beach holiday". Some pieces had a particularly Kate-Middleton look to it, while others – such as the contradicting pieces of crisp pantsuits and dazzling bikini tops – took on another edge. Confidence is key for the DVF woman, and she has provided her loyal customers without enough clothing to attain just that.

Which NYFW show has been your favorite so far?



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