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Jan 11, 2015

After a very, very hectic winter holiday (with an unfortunate lack of blog posting!), I am back in Singapore and ready to start off my next semester. Though MWM was sparsely updated, my Instagram account had constant updates from my holiday in Calcutta, India. From celebrating on Christmas and New Year's Eve to attending several Indian wedding functions, the holiday was packed with social events and plenty of Instagram opportunities. If you follow me (@meeranavlakha), you would have seen my many #ootd's for these occasions. Above left was my get-up for New Year's Eve. I chose to wear Topshop Singapore and a beautiful neckpiece from The Ordinary Co., one of Singapore's leading jewellery brands. I was so excited to wear this stunning piece of jewellery, with a line of encrusted stones in various shades of silver and cream. It brought the simple LBD – a classic, risk-free option – to an elevated level. For a Christmas Eve party, I wore a lace crop-top, mini-skirt combination. Above, on the right, I wore a teal Forever 21 crop paired with a Bershka bandage skirt. 
One of the best things about being in Calcutta in the month of December is the slightly cold (by tropical-Singapore standards), windy weather. While it's not quite sweater weather, it does allow for donning Brandy Melville knits and full-sleeved v-necks. It was a wonderful break from the shorts and tank-top combinations that Singapore's weather calls for. On the left, I wore a printed Bershka top, with a striking ribbon-tied design at the back. It was perfect for the weather on this particular day, with a chill in the air and plenty of sunshine. Above on the right, I am wearing my beloved Brandy Melville sweater. With its see-through quality, it is the perfect pull over to wear over a thin crop-top. Each of these pictures had a ton of natural sunlight, but with the help of VSCOcam – the best editing application and my ultimate favorite, used by some of Instagram's best – the photographs looked even better. I think the beauty of Instagram lies in this – a simple photo, enhanced with the help of a few applications, but shared in the fastest and easiest way.
There's nothing like an Indian wedding. The color, the fashion, the countless functions involved – it is quite sensational to say the least. We attended a few of these events. At one of the afternoon functions, I chose to wear bright florals and a myriad of color. The skirt (known as a lehenga), was in a vivid shade of yellow, covered in fuchsia, violet and lime green. Pairing it with a crop-top from Hollister gave the look a bit of a 'Western' touch, but was in keeping with the light cottons I was wearing. For a night function, I was excited to wear a beautiful old-rose sari with an iridescent gold border. I always love wearing a sari but I get very few chances to do so in a year. This particular one had a gorgeous fit, and was perfect for the event that night. The trip was overall one of the best winter breaks I've experienced, with dozens of memories I will always look back at. Remember to check out more of my photos and #instadiaries: @meeranavlakha!

- M

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  1. Nice outfit.You're gorgeous.

    Glad you enjoyed your winter break..

    I've always wanted to visit india sometime, I know there are hidden beautiful places in india.

    I've started following you in bloglovin. Hope you follow back. :)
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