laneway fest 2015: a beautiful mess.

Feb 16, 2015

Music festivals such as this one tend to be split in half – those who come solely for the indie tunes that so many don't identity with; and those who come for the hype, the energy, the label of Laneway. I'd have to say that I was in the middle of these two identities. While I was dying to see Chet Faker and FKA Twigs (just a few of the amazing artists out of the lineup), I was also just as excited to see what the music festival was all about, having never been to one. And I have to say that Laneway happened to fulfil all preceding expectations – and even surpassed them. The music was magical, the crowds as energetic as I've ever seen at any event in this city, and the fashion as wonderfully Coachella-esque as it could have been. Aside from the usual aspects, it was also heartening to see the bulk of Singapore's artistic community making their presence at the festival – from the local food companies (so good – more on that below!) to big-time brand H&M being the main sponsor, the tiny island provided collective support for this wildly-successful event. 

Which is why it isn't difficult to understand just how successful it turned out to be. With over 13, 000 tickets, the festival was sold-out. And I was glad to be one of the attendees. (For those of you who don't live in the Southeast Asia region and may not have heard of the festival, check out the official website here.)

Held at the furistic and aesthetically-pleasing Gardens by the Bay, the festival went on for a full 12 hours. Exhausting but exhilarating. I'd have to say that Chet Faker was the highlight for me – and the crowd was definitely the most hyped up for his performance. POND and Mac DeMarco (who was arguably the talk of the event) were just as fabulous. The planners went all out, and so did all those who attended. Flower crowns dotted every head, Flash Tattoos made numerous appearances, and gorgeous jewellery – from dainty to indie to ethnic – was a must-have. For my look, I tried out my new crop-top from Singapore-based label, FemmeX, c/o Zalora Singapore. I paired the cream colored top with high-waisted shorts from Hollister and a pair of aviators from Cotton On. As for jewelry, the midi-ring trend is still going strong, and I went with some silver adornments from Lovisa. A good mix of Singapore and international labels was only fitting for such an event – which provided to have just as good of a mix. As mentioned, local food brands made quite a splash. Popaganda's raspberry and magheritas popsicles had me going for seconds, while the Ice Cream & Cookie Co. was literally worth the wait. 

As many have noticed, the title of this post is 'a beautiful mess'. While Singapore can be labeled as beautiful, it has never proved to be anywhere near a mess. Laneway SG is the only thing that has come close, and I mean that in the best possible way. Chaos erupted as it rained, people danced everywhere, knocking into one another and spilling more than a few food items. But it was this unrestrained, pure energy, as many a website has pointed out, that made Laneway so wonderful.

For more information about Laneway, check out their website here! And be sure to follow me on Instagram (@meeranavlakha) for more instant updates.



  1. Looks a lot like Coachella for sure! Amazing photos :)

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  2. Incredible pictures! Looks awesome


  3. looks awesome and cheerfull...
    love thath moment when enjy the music with all friends

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