jaipur by suitcase magazine.

Mar 31, 2015

It is hard to capture and compress the beauty of India in a single series of photographs. But it is made easier that every photograph taken in the country holds some sort of incomprehensible magic. Suitcase Magazine both recognized and utilized this magic to the greatest extent possible. The magazine is often my go-to guide for both travel and fashion, with a fabulous approach to finding unknown albeit chic options across the world for shopping, seeing, and eating. For their latest issue, the multi-media publication ventured to my home country to shoot the stunning editorial above, in one of India's most well-known tourist cities, Jaipur. Known as the 'pink city', Jaipur boasts some of the country's most picturesque spots, both tranquil and striking. Breathtaking architecture, historic sites, and general surrounding beauty – the city is hard to encompass in just a few words or photographs, but the Suitcase Magazine team seemed to know what they were doing. Model Natasha Ramachandran – who is noticeably gorgeous – was captured by photographer Matthew K. Firpo and styled by Aimee Croysdill. This collaboration resulted in a series of electrifying photos and a film, well-worth a watch. The director scripted a dialogue for the film – one that contributes to the mystique and nature that the project was supposed to evoke. For example, "But that was all there was – structure and beauty, mass and order. And she missed the pieces that made it worth living in. She missed the disasters, the messy accidents, the broken hearts. She missed the chaos of living. So she went searching for more."

The styling evoked the very essence of India that each photograph captured – unique, edgy, with a bold, unprecedented tone. The colors are vibrant, with no outfit calling for minimalism. Oversized silhouettes (such as the billowing grey pants), and vivid hues (fuschia pantsuit and stilettos) embody this without a doubt. Natasha produces this bold look, too, with her flawless skin and protuding collarbones. Strength seems to be a key aspect of these photos; the picture of a powerful woman in a strong country. But with each photograph, the clothes – and the insanely attractive model – take a backseat. The backdrops chosen for each shot are the main piece of beauty. With the first image, the setting sun, temple in the background, and surrounding water make for an irresistible photograph – one that should be appreciated for all its beauty. And with each coming photo, the combination of dazzling colors and natural allure of the city simply reinforce how effective the editorial is. Watch the video below for beautiful commentary and a diary in movement of how the editorial came to life.


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