links of the moment: march edition.

Mar 2, 2015

With the onset of March, it's time to talk about everything the fashion world is talking about – from minimalism in the home to Gigi Hadid's overwhelming presence during fashion month. Spring is the time for redecorating, rejuvenating, and getting out of that winter slump. Whether it's Refinery 29 or Lone Wolf Magazine, my favorite online publications understand this perfectly. Here's our roundup of best links to read and enjoy this week – and hopefully inspire you over the coming month!

What We Learnt with THAT Dress  by Elite Daily
Okay, this post may not have relevance in the fashion world per se, but it seems to be relevant among everyone else. The dress debate began last week and unless you live under a rock, you have launched into an argument or two about the dress. It was amusing for about 2.5 seconds. But there was more to be learnt than just how much a dress can catch the world's attention. Read up on Elite Daily's analysis.

Gigi Hadid and Her Quest for World Domination  by Bustle
She's beautiful, successful, and suddenly, everywhere. Gigi Hadid has Kendall Jenner for a best friend, a few amazing campaigns under her belt, and a fan base that is continuously growing.

March Horoscopes by Refinery 29
While I don't necessarily believe everything I read in horoscopes, it's always fun to see the predictions for the coming month. Refinery 29 covers everything from fashion to business in their fun, brief horoscopes, complete with an artistic illustration.

Swimsuit Up by Honeycombers
Honeycombers is quite easily one of the leading authorities on what to eat, shop, and do in Singapore. I frequently read over their guides which influence my take on what to do on our little island. With Spring Break coming up, and stores teeming with swimsuits, Honeycombers scoured the shopping scene and found us the best options for swimwear – from Seafolly to Vamastyle.

Minimalism and Redesigning by Lone Wolf Magazine
Lone Wolf Magazine is a gem of a publication I discovered in London last summer. The indie magazine takes a whole perspective when it comes to fashion – and undoubtedly played a role in my decision to expand this blog. The magazine focuses on fashion through the lens of society, feminism, and individuality. If you haven't done so already, everyone must give it a read. Here, the magazine published one of their lighter pieces, with tips and tricks on how to incorporate minimalism and simplicity in the home.

Hope everyone has a lovely month ahead!

- M

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