a moment with drea chong.

Apr 2, 2015

Andrea Chong – a name that has become synonymous with Singapore's fashion blogging scene, and rightly so. The young beauty is known for her detailed travel posts, stunningly-styled ensembles (just look at the pictures above!) and an Instagram presence unlike any other. Most importantly though, Drea constantly and clearly makes an effort to connect to her readers, making her both approachable and well-liked in the community. I had the pleasure of meeting her over a year ago at one of Singapore's many fashion events, and have been a loyal reader ever since. For a dose of style and beauty inspiration, her blog is one I know I can always turn to. Here, Drea gives Moments with Meera readers a little peek into her life and her aesthetic inclinations.

1. You are one of Singapore's most popular bloggers on Instagram. What are your tips for Instagram users to keep their feeds fresh and fun?
Do things you love and document them in the most genuine and happiest way possible. I find sharing pictures of activities I love doing (i.e. Travel, Picnics, Beach outings) resonates a lot with my followers, people can tell when you're enjoying or not enjoying yourself!
2. Describe your personal style in three words.
Simple, casual, classy.
3. How did you become interested in the fashion industry?
My parents used to work in the fashion industry, so I've always been in tuned with the business side of fashion. Interestingly, because my parents were in fashion, I intentionally refused to work in any fashion-related jobs (Fun-fact: I dreamed of becoming a dentist). But life and irony come hand in hand, when I turned 19 I got approached to be a model, and the rest they say, is history.
4. Your work has allowed you to travel to many beautiful places. What has been one of your most memorable trips?
One?! There's just so many to name! I loved Iceland, Morocco and Croatia. These places will forever have a place in my heart. I love going to 'non-conventional' places and showing people how different a particular country or place is so different from what they think of it to be. I'm all about breaking stereotypes when it comes to travel.
5. What has been one of the most rewarding aspects of your career?
To have people come up to me telling me that I inspire them! It still comes as quite a shock to me because to be honest, I still feel like a "normal" person, I don't see myself as this "instagram personality" or "a popular blogger", I'm just a regular girl who still goes to neighbourhood malls in slippers and have morning coffees at the nearby kopitiam with my dad. So to have people come up to me to tell them I inspire them is a really big deal!
6. Plans for the future?
To build the dreachong brand! Oh and perhaps own a couple more cats, I need to convince my boyfriend that I need more cats in my life.
7. What are your go-to brands for shopping?
Zimmermann, Manning Cartel, River Island, GAP, Zara. Not forgetting online shops like The Tinsel Rack, Zulu and Zephyr, and Faithfull!
8. Other than blogging and modelling, what takes up your free time?
Spending quality time with my dad and boyfriend, and cleaning the house (I have very bad OCD tendencies when it comes to housework)
9. What are your favorite cafés and restaurants in Singapore?
I would recommend Valentino's for a romantic night out, and my university's (NTU) cafe Pitchstop for lunch! Sin Lee Foods for the SPAM fries, and Five & Dime for their Mentaiko Pasta!
10. Do you have a favorite collaboration so far?
I put in a lot of effort into every collaboration I embark on, so all of them are memorable. Of course the ones that bring me overseas stand out a little bit more!

Be sure to check out Drea's blog here, and let us know what you think of her style in the comments below!



  1. so gorgeous!
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    -Jenna <3
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  3. What an interesting and insightful interview!

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