best of singapore | part 2.

Apr 30, 2015

For those of you who have read my first 'Best of Singapore' post, which featured P.S. Cafe and Common Man Coffee Roasters, you would know that café-hopping is an easy and favorable pass-time here. I've been exploring the café options more and more; it's easy to stick to the classics mentioned above, but Singapore has even more to offer. And if you've seen my Instagram account lately, café photographs have been overflowing. It is often the smaller, more intimate places which offer both amazing food and a more inviting atmosphere – and, if you're lucky, lack of crowds. Here's part two of the Singapore food scene, featuring some gorgeous options for good food, coffee and an Instagram post or two.

Wheeler's Yard: A place known just as much for its blue door as for its delicious food, Wheeler's Yard is always jam-packed and for good reason. The quirky decor – and evident bicycle theme – sets it apart from the string of cafés which lean towards the more conventional side of the food scene in Singapore. With the bicycles, captured in the photo above, being a reigning factor in this. I visited Wheeler's Yard with fellow blogger, Veena, sharing iced mochas and delicious plates of their signature dishes. It works like many other cafés now do – you pay for the food, collect it yourself, then sit and enjoy. The food would be a positive asset to the place – but it is definitely not the reason to go. I would go for the aforementioned atmosphere; it is the kind of place where you could sit for hours, with its wide open space and plenty of seating room. Afterwards, head out for the quintessential blue door picture, which I couldn't resist taking (above right).
Waffle Slayer: As you can see from its name, this quaint, tucked-away eating option, is known for its waffles. The gourmet waffles range from peanut-butter to red velvet flavored, perfect for a day when you want to treat yourself. The intimate ambiance inside is enhanced by fresh flowers, reading material, fairy-lights above, and a slightly rustic decor – seen in the picture, above right. Another factor? Waffle Slayer's sister brunching option, Stranger's Reunion, is right next door! Both have acquired a certain reputation around Singapore, known for their irresistible coffee and distinct style. My sister and I spent a few cheerful hours here, and ventured around the neighborhood afterwards for a bit of exploring. The location in itself in a plus-point – quiet and away from the usual bustle of Orchard and other mainstream areas. Waffle Slayer gets a few low points for the 'creative' waffles which ended up being more of a miss than a hit. But for the most part, I would recommend it for the concept and its wonderful execution.
Whisk: This café, in the amazing Tiong Bahru area (read our guide here!), is my latest discovery. It verges on a more sophisticated take, rather than the more common 'edgy' vibe that many places go for. The decor is all white-on-white, giving it a crisp and airy atmosphere when inside. The gorgeous interior is only enhanced by a scrumptious array of desserts. The scorching lemon tart was the best out of all the ones we tried, along with a few delectable chocolate treats. Whisk is designed to be a French bistro, which might explain its many French-infused desserts, all of which are highly recommended. For many, it might be an alternative when Tiong Bahru Bakery turns out to be too packed, which is quite often the case with the hugely-successful restaurant. When looking for new locations in the area, Whisk is one to turn to.

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