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Jun 21, 2015

the sights: Every summer London is an inevitable destination for us. We venture to the locale either for a vacation or in transit; in each situation, exploring the city has become more of a habit than something new. But as the London list gets longer and more personalized, I fall in love with the city even more. This summer – a summer with college tours, interning, and a lot of work overall – London was the biggest break for me. We spent about five blissful days in the city, where the London list consisted of all the things I truly love to do whilst in town. Above, some VSCOcam edited pictures provide the perfect description of the sights that are so appealing – one, the view from North Audley street, and the second, the breathtaking view from our room at the Hilton Park Lane. We were lucky enough to experience some days that were on the warmer side, with the sun being the most evident form of heat. Of course, the sights are what sets London apart from the other major cities of the world, as the pictures above suggest. 

 – Walk along North Audley Street, just off Oxford Street.
the food: A place where "the waiting list has a waiting list" (according to many blogs and websites), Chiltern Street Firehouse is a quite a place to be at. The restaurant – and hotel – are immaculately-designed, with a cobbled courtyard, delicate lighting, and a certain old-world ambiance. It is known to be quite a spot for celebrity sighting. For an accurate description of this quality, read Vogue's extensive dissection on its allure. The family and I went for an early breakfast on a Wednesday morning, where it was on the quieter side but still full of people enjoying the delectable breakfast offerings. I went for the French toast with a caramel side, and a warm mocha to top it off. 

– Go to (and book in advance!) Chiltern Street Firehouse.
the treats: A London summer, much like a New York summer, calls for some treats – all the ice-cream and coffee that such cities have to propose. After a long day of walking around Oxford Street, my sister and I popped into Benugo – a coffee shop and restaurant which focuses on green ethics and protecting the environment in a conscious way. With its quirky design and spacious seating, it was the perfect location to relax, recharge, and head back into the city afterwards. There are almost countless locations across the city, so they are always easy to spot. For less healthy treats, head to Snowflake Gelato, in another one of my favorite parts of the city – Selfridges. In between shopping, the food department has irresistible dessert and drink options. Luxury gelato was my treat of choice – perfect to enjoy on the rare warm day.  

– Check out Benugo for a dose of coffee and organic, healthy lifestyle food.
– Stop by Selfridges for some Snowflake Gelato
the park: London's reputation as a big city is wonderfully juxtaposed with the natural beauty it has to offer – the parks. On the brighter days, visiting the park is ideal for some summer sunshine and a little getaway from the city, within the city. Stop for some ice-cream, the quintessential reading spot by the benches, or just for a stroll that provides plenty of entertainment. It seems like quite a general suggestion; but once inside, London parks are unlike any other and have become a must for our schedule at some point in the holiday. 

– Stroll along Regent's Park.

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