brandy melville moment.

Jul 4, 2015

Top, Bottoms, Necklace: Brandy Melville, Bag: River Island, Wedges: Topshop, Pullover: Crayon

Finally getting around to posting the visuals from my trip to London! I caught up with the lovely Katya as I tend to do on my annual trips to the city. Check out our previous collaborations here and her other photography here. This time, London was as cold as it's ever been over the summer. I was nervous to embark on a shoot on this overcast, slightly rainy day but Katya was completely prepared and managed to make up for the loss of sunlight. We shot around the gorgeous South Kensington area, close enough to my hotel. While the area is mostly residential, London's picturesque cafes are ample and there are spots of concentrated greenery which were perfect for the shoot. Urban scenery was found in almost equal amounts as the garden area we discovered, which was dotted by red roses – that Katya brilliantly captured in some of the photos above. We walked around this area, finishing the shoot in about thirty minutes, making enough time for a cup of coffee at Le Pain Quotidien before I had to head off for a last day of shopping at Selfridges. London is never lacking potential activities and I was happy to have discovered a neighbourhood less known to me, thanks to the shoot.

If you know me well enough (or frequently visit my Instagram account), you'll know that I have a slight obsession with Brandy Melville. The brand has collected a cult-like following of girls across Europe and the United States, though it is yet to make a prominent presence for itself in Asia. I have previously featured their campaigns, which you can admire on their aesthetically-pleasing Instagram. The Brandy Melville look is quintessential; every piece makes a statement while retaining the formula that the Brandy team cultivates. Simple silhouettes, ribbed fabric or soft cotton, diluted colors, minimalistic knitwear – while frequenting the website or the many boutiques across the world, this is the bulk of what you will find. The clothes are often reminiscent of a cross between LA cool and London sophistication, striking a balance that makes it as covetable as it is. For this look, I opted to wear one of the many Brandy pieces I purchased at their King's Road boutique in London. The Luna Knit Tank is cropped enough to a bit of midriff but versatile enough to be styled for colder weather, which I was encountering on this day. I paired it with a pair of leggings that are among the most comfortable I've worn, though possibly a little too warm and hugging for the tropics I'm accustomed to. For London, however, a cover-up of some sort was required, so I turned to my gorgeous lace and layered pullover from Crayon, a small boutique I discovered in Singapore. A small Brandy necklace, delicate and rose-gold, was the finishing touch to the look, and now something I wear almost daily.

What do you think of this look?

– M 


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