insta diary: arushi khosla.

Jul 13, 2015

When I first started blogging, I almost immediately discovered Arushi Khosla, the blogger behind Bohemian Like You. With an exceptionally distinct voice, exhibited on both her blog and her social media presence, the New York-based student provides a generous amount of style and living inspiration. Take her Instagram account. Clean white frames enclose each of her beautifully-captured pictures – from coffee shop scenes to outfit details to the latest weekend getaway. Occasionally captioned with literary references or a cynical sentence depicting Monday mornings, her posts have long stood out to me on Instagram and prompted this sequence of posts. In the first of our series on Instagram authorities, Arushi gives us a peak to her Instagram tips and tricks, as well as some New York favourites.

1. What are your favourite applications for filters and for editing in general?
VSCO is my go-to bae. My side piece is Afterlight.
2. Your Instagram features some gorgeous spots in New York. How much does the city influence what you post?
100%. New York is constant, everyday visual stimulation.
3. Where are your favourite places to shoot outfits or #ootd posts?
I like clean backgrounds so my go-to's are a few spaces close to my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in pale tones.
4. You often feature literary quotes and inspiration as captions. Are these intentional ways to show your followers your personality?
I wouldn't say it's intentional or planned in any way. I think using a platform like Instagram is so much fun because it allows you to inject who you are into little details and I think it comes unconsciously. Music and literature are big parts of my life and speak to who I am so they seamlessly find their way into the content I put out.
5. How do you think Instagram influences fashion bloggers / brands?
Instagram is the platform for bloggers specifically and the fashion industry at large because it's highly visual. It dictates a visual dialog and is brimming with inspiration.
6. Who are some people (bloggers, personalities, brands, etc) to follow on Instagram?
Ah, there are far too many! A few favorites off the top of my head are @eggcanvas @stevenfingar @trottermag @thetrottergirl @senso @reformation @daniesque.
7. Your food and coffee pictures are some of our favourites! Any particular spots you recommend in the city?
A few I've recently been loving are Happy Bones, Ost Cafe, Cafe Minerva, Chalait, Concord Hill, Five Leaves, Cantine Parisienne, Dudley's, Bluestone Lane, Toby's Estate, The Fat Radish and Amorino.
8. What are your tips for new Instagram users?
Have fun! Don't get caught up in the rat face. Aesthetically speaking, look at your grid as a whole and not just the new image you're posting when editing.

For more of Arushi's style and gorgeous café pictures, check out her Instagram!

- M

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