insta diary: veena mccoole.

Aug 18, 2015

In this month's installment of our Instagram series, I'm delighted to introduce Veena McCoole – blogger, fellow third-culture-kid, and someone I've had the pleasure of knowing in person for years. Veena and I have known each other since the humble origins of our respective blogs, and have managed to keep in touch over the years, despite hectic travel schedules and our going to different schools, first within Singapore and then abroad. Her fashion blog (which you can read here) has always been one of my favourite reads, and is peppered with stories of her extensive travels and what she found along the way. Her Instagram account serves as a wonderful accompanying tool to said blog, with photographs that are distinctly bright and, as she stated herself, 'happily chaotic'. The blogger constantly captures her latest excursions, brunches, and gorgeous outfit posts. In this interview, Veena gives us a peek into her Instagram philosophy and more inside advice.

1. What are the advantages of using Instagram as tool for your blog?
I love to use Instagram as a way to promote the content that is on my blog as well as give my readers/followers an insight into my personal everyday life outside of blogging.

2. How much of your content is shot by your iPhone? 
Most of it! Outfit post promos are typically originally captured on a DSLR and then edited using iPhone apps, but the iPhone 6 camera quality is pretty amazing, so I'm happy to use my phone.

3. What are a few of your favourite applications to edit your pictures? Any filters in particular?
I love editing with VSCOCam and Snapseed! I'll occasionally use Instagram filters on low intensity to brighten and touch up images right before posting.
4. What are some of your favourite accounts to follow?

5. You shoot some beautiful food pictures. What is your philosophy when it comes to taking these?
I think a variety of colors, textures and elements makes a picture look happily chaotic, which is definitely my style!
6. Any particular spots in Singapore which are perfect instagram backdrops?
Still on the hunt for these, but usually Singapore's independent cafes have some really pretty elements to them.

7. What is your advice for a new Instagram user?
Regulate posting (so not too much or too little!) and don't be too concerned about "aesthetic" before you've even begun; take some time to get used to Instagram and find your own style! Don't let #feedgoals restrict your creativity.

For more of Veena's pictures, check out her Instagram account here!

- M

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