Sep 13, 2015

Top: Brandy Melville, Bottoms: Brandy Melville, Bag: Topshop

Mid-afternoon attire has never been more comfortable. This look saved me – weather-wise – in the midst of this insane haze (everyone in Singapore knows what I'm referring to) and the usual heat we attribute to afternoons in the city. My sister and I enjoyed our long weekend with a day of exploring Orchard Road coffee shops, as well as the gorgeous Emerald Hill. After a meal of truffle fries and iced coffees we walked across to this area, a neighborhood tucked-away between Newton and Orchard. Emerald Hill is unlike most of Singapore that expatriates are used to exploring. The Spanish-style architecture, whirlwind of colors on every wall, and overgrown foliage might be the reason for its distinctiveness. Dozens of tourists were loitering around with cameras, and rightfully so – it might be one of the more photogenic areas of this island. We found one of these gorgeous backgrounds to be the perfect setting for my outfit, which was entirely neutral in terms of color scheme. 

For this look, comfort most definitely trumped any other clothing factor. The fabric of Brandy's quintessential gray Vodi Shorts is light and simple; made for any day when the heat prevents you from slipping on a pair of jeans. The look is best described by its "lightness" – a washed-out shade of gray and a low-key vibe. This subdued tone is the underlying factor of Brandy Melville, a brand I've worn before on the blog. What I've found to be true of most Brandy Melville clothes is that they are best paired with one another, often created as complements. This is certainly true with the ribbed crop-top I paired with my shorts, which suited one-another in terms of both style and length. Both pieces embody simplicity, and evoke an air of simplicity that I was intending for. 

– M 


  1. Gorgeous! Cute look!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. Gorgeous! I love this outfit; the bottoms are so cute!

  3. I love your outfit, Top and shorts look simple but original in the same time!

  4. comfort over anything! this look is actually really cute :)

  5. Comfortable and cute! xx

  6. Adorable outfit! It looks perfect for hot, humid days.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  7. You're so pretty! The outfit looks good on you.

    yanah |


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