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Nov 8, 2015

For some of us, it may be a little early to get into the Christmas spirit (since the first week of November has just about ended). I'm included in this group of people, despite Singapore embracing the holiday spirit, island-wide, already. My Christmas-scented Yankee candles remain untouched, ready for December's arrival. What I am ready for, however, is holiday dressing – and Free People's November 2015 collection has spurred this excitement. As soon as I discovered the Fall catalogue, the idea of dressing for the upcoming season became more of a reality. With stunning visuals (my favorites featured above) exuding a certain old-world charm, Free People presented a captivating take on winter-wear.

The names of the clothes featured in this new collection – such as the "Deja Vu Mini" or "Fall in Love Tonight Dress", seep of a nostalgic quality. The catalogue itself is inspired by ballet and all its palpable elegance. The majority of photographs seem to have been shot on a stage of some sort, and have a regal essence to them. Free People rarely turns to traditional charm, instead embracing a bohemian undertone to most of its clothing. But with this collection, the two themes are wonderfully balanced. The elegance of ballet manifests in the soft pink tones, gauzy chiffon skirts, and cotton-white rompers. This is juxtaposed in the styling of the shoot; the model has a smoky-black eyes, tinged-red lips and is often posing with a denim jacket or otherwise contrasting piece. Sleek hair and soulful eyes are other standards to the photographs, with a model who possesses the ballerina-esque quality of the clothes. Glitter and sequins were a key element to the clothing, possibly because they are quintessential Christmas adornments. Velvet falls into this category too, and is scattered here and there for effect. Classified-party looks come with the flamboyant pieces, in the accessories (think cuff earrings and jewel-encrusted chokers) and shift dresses. You can even spot a Gossip-Girl headband or two, which evokes a Fall vibe for those familiar with the show. My appreciation for Free People's take on this season is less for the clothing and more for the execution of this catalogue, which deserves a place on every Pinterest-board dedicated to the season ahead.

– M 

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  1. Hey Meera, Sean here. Could you please expand upon what the phrase "seep of nostalgic quality" means? What are some observable facts?

    I cant seem to agree with you on this idea because the two dresses bring out a more post modernity view on the fashion world, and while I agree that the dresses are extremely elegant, I just cant see what the actual dramatic appeal is.

    Sean Yoo


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