pray for paris.

Nov 15, 2015

Image from The New York Times

Last Friday, and throughout the weekend, the world experienced a series of tragedies and "incomprehensible barbarism", in Paris, Lebanon, Syria, and Kenya. Outrage and support has been pouring in for all the countries and societies affected by what transpired – emphasizing that the attacks were on humanity as a whole, as President Obama so aptly stated. In Paris, France, six attacks took the lives of over 129 people, as I came to learn with the influx of #PrayForParis tweets that flooded my feed. Then came the Facebook profile pictures, with streams of red, white, and blue painted across photographs. Countries everywhere have lit up in support of France; above, you see Washington Square Park, in New York, glowing with the colors of the French flag. Many have argued that the focus on Paris is disregarding what occurred in other parts of the world. It is important in this time to show solidarity and support for all countries, and though my post is titled for Paris, my objective is to acknowledge this.

My blog rarely touches on such issues, but I was deeply disheartened after this weekend – as many of us are – and I decided to learn as much as I could about what happened. I came across several editorials, articles, news reports, and photographic accounts of Paris, each of which shone light on a situation that seems to be close in the hearts of us all. I put together a list of these links, all of which are equally important to be read and considered, for my school newspaper. You can read the piece here. These links include a harrowing account in The New Yorker of the aftermath in Paris, painting a heartbreaking scene of what has been left behind. And on a more hopeful note, there is a photo diary of people who are continuing with their lives, showing courage and resilience.

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