a moment with masoom minawala.

Jan 19, 2016

Constantly capturing the Indian fashion scene through bright visuals and her eclectic outfits, Masoom Minawala is known for more than her just her blog, Style Fiesta Diaries and her e-commerce brand, Style Fiesta. Her enthusiasm for fashion is unwavering – as is her tenacity for mixing-and-matching, concocting new looks, and adding gorgeous pieces of jewelry in every way possible. I've been a fan of Masoom's brand for years, with every irresistibly-fun necklace and statement ring. Through Style Fiesta, I discovered the young entrepreneur's personal style blog, which documents her journey every step of the way; event-coverage, outfit posts, and details of her life which her readers always love to hear about. Masoom has a loyal set of readers, to say the least, with over 60K followers on Instagram and 6K followers on Twitter; across India, she has been recognized by the likes of Vogue India and the Hindustan Times. In this interview, she gives us a peek into her life as a blogger and as the brains behind her business. 

1. Describe your style in three words.

Individualistic, Sophisticated, Experimental.

2. How does your company and your blog work together? Is it difficult to maintain a balance between the two?
I immensely enjoy the difference of perspective both the work profiles bring to my life. I’ve always been a champion at multi-tasking, so bridging a balance between two fields of work that I love was never too much of an obstacle. I outline my activities for the day in the morning and from there on, it pretty much falls in place. Blogging requires a lot of advance planning and E-commerce requires a lot of thinking on your feet - so it works out.

3. What has been the most rewarding moment during your career so far?
It’s hard to point out one but there have been a few. Namely, winning an award from Cosmopolitan for E-tailer of the Year, making my grandmothers dream come true by being featured in a Gujurati newspaper, hearing from a 40-year-old that I ‘inspired’ her to start her business, walking into office and watching my team laughing, enjoying the work they’re doing.
4. Favorite brands for everyday wear? 
Topshop, H&M, Boohoo, Zara, Bershka.

5. You have a gorgeous Instagram account. What is your philosophy towards Instagram and the inspiration behind your photos?
My philosophy is pretty simple - work hard, talk about your work, give your readers content that could help them and most importantly - be real.

6. What are some must-have items on Style Fiesta at the moment?
Our midi ring sets and statement earrings definitely!

7. What is your advice for a new Instagram user?
Ask yourself this question while creating content - ‘Would you follow yourself?’ Step 1 is to create beautiful, relevant imagery and Step 2 is to interact with your readers. Once you nail these two, the rest will fall into place!

– M


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