Jan 30, 2016

Urban Outfitters' aesthetic is one that most of us are well-versed in: the 'hipster, grunge' vibe balanced with the Free People-esque light bohemian magic. Both of these come together in their Sun Shop collection, one that screams summer and would give anyone the urge to go to the beach. While half of the world is in the depths of winter at the moment, there are those of us who are immersed in the sun and sand of the tropics year-round. For us, Urban Outfitters has a collection worth the hefty prices the brand is known for. The Sun Shop look-book, above, was shot by photographer Shayna Colvin, whose Laguna-beach beginnings are embodied in her photography.  She worked with model Yvonne Logan, possibly a perfect choice for this particular look. Her enviable curly hair and child-like smile captured the essence of a 'sun shop': free, bold, and ready for days lazing by the water.

The UO store – which I've spent quite a few hours at over the summer in London – has no lack of covetable items. Think polaroids, soft dorm-room lights, and an incredible collection of travel books. Then top it off with clothes – boots, maxi dresses, bucket bags – that will last you for years. For the Sun Shop collection, above, UO created a look most of us would crave for our next beach vacation. With everything from Sea Salt Spray to leather sandals to dozens of floral bikinis, plus some incredible one-piece suits, Urban's outlook on sun, swim and sand is one we should all adopt. For the look-book, taken on a beach with dream-like coves and corners, UO captured the spirit of a youth in Yvonne, and the beauty of the clothes she was wearing. In an interview for the UO Tumblr (highly recommended!), photographer Colvin spoke about how she loves making her photographs representative of "a different era". I could see this come into play with the photos above, which had a certain old-world feel to them. All outfits consisted of candy-colored bikini tops, floral bottoms, and flowing fabrics. Some jewelry was placed, here and there, to finish it off – necklaces that I'd love to have for everyday wear, if not for a day at the beach. Check out the rest of the photographs – and some stunning outtakes – here.

– M


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