vanilla morning.

Mar 13, 2016

Dress: Asos, Bag: Celine Mini Luggage, Sandals: Rubi

Saturday mornings at Tiong Bahru are a combination of coffee, cafes and a calmness that is much appreciated in the midst of the weekend's impending chaos. The neighborhood, which I've written about previously, is a quick cab ride away from my house, and therefore a place I frequently visit when looking for the most well-received cafes in Singapore, along with a bookstore or two. On a recent Saturday, I explored the area with Irina, a photographer and friend who I worked with on a series of outfit posts last year. We caught up in between shots and almost getting lost in Tiong Bahru's misleadingly-similar set of white walls. The area's rustic charm is complemented by its balance between modern cafe-culture and Singapore's own culture. It is one of the few areas in Singapore where the culture has been distinctly retained, and this is visible to anyone who visits. This morning was particularly warm and I was grateful for the light cotton fabric of my ASOS dress. Despite the bodycon silhouette, the ASOS creation was still ideal for a day like this. While I don't wear florals often, I love doing so; this season, subtle floral prints – like the 'ditsy' one above – have invaded my closet. The light, Grecian blue tones reflect the quintessential styles associated with spring and summer, making the dress ideal for a city with no distinct seasons. This season, ASOS has had an impressive range of such dresses, perfect for anyone getting a heads-start on their summer shopping. I paired the dress with airy sandals, my favorite leather bag, and a few rings from my recent trip to Morocco. 

Irina and I chose to shoot the dress in Plain Vanilla and against the aforementioned white walls. It was a fairly quiet morning, with my favorite bakery being less busy than usual. As we sat down in Plain Vanilla's open-air space, I sipped on an iced mocha (highly recommended) that PV Bakery is perfect for. What the bakery is renowned for, however, is its cupcakes, from strawberry white chocolate to apple caramel. The bakery's philosophy is "good old-fashioned cake", a sentiment which is embodied in the food and, beautifully, in the decor. Irina and I didn't try any on this particular morning but make sure to go to PV on a day when you're ready to eat – the selection of cupcakes and drinks is worth it. For more, check out the bakery's Facebook page; it'll reinforce the fact that PV is the place to be on a bright Saturday morning such as this one. 

– M


  1. great dress!!! love the purse!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  2. Great look! Thank you for the comment on our blog! xo
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  3. Looking cute. Like the subtle florals...chic look

  4. What beautiful photos! I love the cool blue tones. That dress looks fabulous on you!

    xx Yasmin

  5. You look so stunning! Love this look! xx

    Jac Fleurant

  6. Love that bodycon dress and also, I have to say, your hair is GORGEOUS!


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  7. Such a cute dress dear! And that Céline... adorable as always :)



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