Moments with Meera was born out of my desire to write and share this writing. Fueled by my love for Vogue India in particular, I was prompted to take the plunge into fashion blogging and multimedia. Now, five years later, this blog has developed into something much bigger than the fashion blog I set out to create. Following an internship with Seventeen Magazine here in Singapore, I began freelance writing, collaborating with local and international brands, and publishing exclusive interviews with people who inspired me along the way. Now, blogging for me consists of covering fashion and art-related happenings in Singapore – from store openings to Singapore Fashion Week to local 'flea markets'. But it also means engrossing myself in the world of media; reading the magazines which fueled my love for writing or simply connecting to people who have dedicated their lives to the industry.

Earlier in 2015, Moments with Meera undertook a change of pace, making the transition from a full-fledged fashion blog. As the years went by, I realized that there was so much else I would love to write about and use as a way to explore my developing interests. These include art, culture, the world of human rights, and more.

Follow along for outfit posts, travel details, guides, event coverage, and anything else which catches my eye. For press and event inquiries, you can contact us here. And for anything else, reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or the link above!

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